we are all our own devil.

I love my plants

boiling ya waters

going to Sardinia to play with the flamingos and the donkeys in September wee haw  

my toes are stuck in my snow boots because it is so cold and in and out and in and out in the snow and snow in my boots making MY SOCKS ALL WET AND I AM STILL COLD AND HAVE BEEN inside for about an hour and i ate a pomegranate and it took me a little longer to open it> eating it and i am making pasta and i am all backwards today and i am now with my down goose feather blanket ( which is god ) 

Olivia Boi on Etsy

hey guys i have been making candles and now they ARE FOR SALE YEAAAAAHHHH BUY EM’ THEY WILL MAKE THE PEOPLE YOU GIVE EM TOO HAPPY/ they make good gifts/ thank you for your time.

good ol eddo

good ol eddo

hangin with my new friend

hangin with my new friend


fresh herbs kyle brought over / fresh herb from an undisclosed source

Fiona Apple

—Pure Imagination


"There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination…”

Pure Imagination // Fiona Apple